Business and neuro PR – where connecting some dots leads you. ( personal case study)


I believe, like Hippocrates, that the brain is the seat of everything. We feel pleasure thanks to the brain. A lot of our possibilities are encoded in it. And the brain is used for communication.

Use Alex’s rule

This rule can significantly influence your life – and shape it. Alex Barszczewski, a business trainee and mentor, explains it most accurately as he has been applying it for years:

meet different people and give them a warm welcome, still remaining firm on your principles.

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. And this reason is worth finding because it can help you leave your comfort zone (which you know well as your own pocket) and see more opportunities. So let’s initiate such meetings. I met Alex by writing to him an e-mail some years ago. Coffee PR is my way of meeting new and different people. What’s your idea?


Connecting dots

I’ve always been interested in the brain. In my family there is a scientist who is a specialist at functional MRI so I could learn some interesting aspects of the brain’s secrets. In 2014, while running a business training, I draw the brain in public for the first time. In 2015 I got to know firsthand the Structogram – the tool which uses our knowledge about brain to get the Biostructural Analysis which can improve both your life and business. Finally, this year starts MBA Neuroeconomy in business, first such postgraduate studies in Poland, at which I give lectures on neuro Public Relations.

Do you remember connect-the-dots puzzles when you were a child? In adult life it can be a way of building, step by step, a professional image we desire. Just add another dots to the image you already have and connect them. And let’s bear in mind that these dots are first of all people – people we meet who make us move ahead.


The Earth is round and …

Luckily, the Earth is round and sometimes people come back to us again. And when it happens, let’s find the courage to start a talk. We have more than one chance in life – chance for talks with another people. And we can create such chances ourselves. Human relations are the most crucial in business. The key to have successful relations is a talk. And you have this key. Maybe even more than one. So use it and unlock the doors – start talks which will let you go ahead where you really want to.

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