Bridge language



For 914,398,325 people English language is mother tongue. And this language is lingua franca in business.

Question: do we use this fact?

According to my observations:

1. our knowledge about English language is getting better and more and more people speak it. BUT most of us just speak ( share info / understand info) and still not communicate ( I mean aware interaction),

2. there are companies which have their websites in English, BUT they have no any strategy about B2B communication and they usually act in a chaotic way, word-of mouth is available for everyone thanks to technology, BUT we do not know enough about tools which are ready to use ( like Twitter, SlideShare, Quora),

4. yes, we write, BUT we are not  strong at management of correspondence ( which Polish company has got a business proposal letter? what about mails?) and at press release writing,

5. we know that behind every B2B relation are people and success depends on them, BUT not many of us develop knowledge at public speaking in English.

So it’s high time we took care about ‘BUT’. And I encouraged in thinking about it during my last presentation on 4th April In Torun.

The presentation you can see via SlideShare.