Book about PR?


Lack of knowledge brings nothing good. Lack of knowledge about PR cuts the wings and is a source of problems in business. What’s next? Find a book which is like a knowledge medicine.

What for?

At my work I often experience that PR improves business. Talks which I call coffee PR and workshop connected with the project Charms of Business let me realize that:

  • even if we have some knowledge about PR (?), we don’t know how to introduce PR solutions in practice,
  • most mistakes occur because of lack of knowledge about communication,
  • there is a need to have practical guide of PR – clear, real and useful.

So I have been writing such a PR guide. Because I wish PR solutions brought benefits both for people and their businesses. A kind of PR manual for you where you don’t find the words like press clipping, briefing, media relations as this book is not for PR specialists.


Der Hund begraben?

Do you know the German phrase: da liegt der Hund begraben (in English: that’s the snag)? Intracommunication and PR plan are the elements of a test which tells you if you are ready for business or not. The lack of knowledge about PR results in problems. This book answers the question how to use PR, so it reveals where da liegt der Hund begraben.


2 in 1?

Be careful because together with the dog Titus, you’ll get the cat. This book is 2 in 1 which means that it is both about PR and marketing. Sometimes they cooperate. Sometimes not. And sometimes they are like jing and jang in business. So in one book you’ll find a PR guide written by me and a marketing guide written by Joanna Czerska-Thomas.

Now we try to tame the dog Titus with the cat Prezes. The cat is inside a sofa in an office. The dog is near this sofa. Everyone is alive and sends best regards.

What then?

There is a plan to share with you good news at Charms of Business 2015. (PS God, pleas, do not laugh!) So, it’s a job to do and the inner voice screams: you make it!




Calendar of the Book

2014 – the idea of the book appears in my mind

January 2015 – the concept of 2 in 1, so PR and marketing in one book

6.03.2015 – late evening Hanza Pałac- sharing the idea with Joanna Czerska-Thomas and inviting to cooperation

16.03. 2015 – Mercure Hotel, Colonge – writing titles of chapters

17.03.2015 – the title of the book

24.03.201 – meeting with Joanna Czerska-Thomas and the approval for the concept and the title.

4.04.2015 – the concept of the first chapter about communication written

29.04. 2015 – sharing the news with the readers of my blog


Fot. Titus&me by Jacek Kutyba

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