Blog The world is getting smaller


Written by Justyna Niebieszczańska

The most important was volume: big-scale campaigns, large space, a wide variety of products… and finally it has appeared that there is no global village, but city of lonely, frustrated and lost people. So what next?


The global city with its temptations and neon lights we have been exchanging into real villages with forest smell and moments full of chats with neighbours:

– we prefer small shops, boutiques and vegetable markets than immense shop malls packed with anonymous crowd,

– sending load of text messages is not so impressive like writing a card, a letter written by hand and addressed to close people,

– corporations are in danger and more power are getting small firms whose owners work with passion,

– conferences for hundreds participants are not as attractive as individual workshops which offers practical knowledge,

– wide office spaces are changed into small offices which overviews blooming gardens.

What a beautiful perspective before us, isn’t it?