Blog is not a toy


Writing a blog seems to be so easy, but it is not. It needs mych more than enthusiasm…

So what’s it about?

1. It needs its strategy. You should know what for  and to whom you write. It needs the honest answer to the question: what interesting can I share with others? So we start from  the trip to the Delphic oracle to experience intracommunication.

2. It needs knowledge about writing and rules of writing in the internet. It means to see post. And it means working hard to be better.

3. It needs to know how tell a story to promote it. And how to reach readers whom we write for. Let’s be honest: we write because we want so much they read our posts. We have our goals and there are several ways which lead to achieve them: via more popular bloggers, via social media, via offline activities, etc. Yes, there are several ways and there are a lot of  PR instruments. Anyway, without knowledge how it works, promoting a blog can be Sisyphean labour.

Blog can be the unique PR instrument in communication, if we know how to use it.

One of Roman PR rules says: Sapere aude.

So have courage to be wise – to plan, to write better and better, to promote more and more effective in order to achieve your goal.

Written after finishing the workshop about writing a blog.

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