Blog? If you have doubts about starting a blog, make an experiment


You have doubts if blog is for you and if it is a useful tool. There are some ways to check it and find answers. Before you start to work on your blog seriously, before you spend money on it, before you invest your time, check if it is really for you.

Blog and benefits of experimenting safely

There are 3 experiments which you can make yourself and find answers related to blog. What are the benefits of these experiments / offers:

  • no budget (it is free),
  • no knowledge and experience are required (very simple to use),
  • you can stop your experiment when you wish to without any consequences and you don’t have to write regularly,
  • yes, you can get feedback from your readers.


1st advice: if you are on Facebook, you can publish your post in a minute

If you are on Facebook, use the option Notes. This option is connected with (private) profile, so you can share your notes (posts) only with friends. You write notes and you publish them, so you know how it is to write a blog. Unfortunately, your notes (posts) are only seen for people who are on Facebook.

If you are on Facebook, see how this note looks like:

2nd advice – LinkedIn and you know Pulse of your blog

If you think about writing connected with business – with your firm, you as an expert, choose for your experiment Pulse. Everyone who has got profile on LinkedIn, can run his/her blog free of charge. Just a click and you write a post and another click and you publish. You can share your posts via Facebook and Twitter.

See what such a post looks like:

3rd advice: be blogger at once!

If you want to start blogging at once, use e.g. and create your blog in a few minutes. You need to have an e-mail gmail address. In this option you have more possibilities, like information about you, planning posts’ publication in advance. The most important is that you’ve got a true blog. You can treat it as an alfa version of your blog. You can run this blog without using your true name. Just try:


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