Blog and fruit anniversary


People claim that 7th anniversary means a crisis, so I have time. Now is Janus Anno Domini 2014. There are both an anniversary and an apple.

On 24th January, 2010 I published my first post. And again there is January and I am sitting face to face to Janus and I’m eating an apple.

Why Janus? Because this is the god of the beginnings. He has got 2 faces. One looks past and there: learning and writing. The second looks ahead and here a future promise. This is the best time for the beginning – have a look at past but watch ahead.

Why apple?

4th anniversary is called fruit and there is no another such a beautiful fruit like apple.

One suppose time Melanion picked a girl on an apple. When she grabbed it, she looked at him and they stayed together forever. Blog is something like this apple for me. Some people run, others go fishing and dance salsa, but I grabbed the blog.

Anniversary speech?

For sure this is a long voyage with some cyclops on the way. This is work locked in a habit. In it there is pleasure. There is the answer to personal needs. This is a dialogue. This is a challenge. And there is a childlish joy when you know that somebody reads what has been written. Dear reader, if you set up such a voyage to Ithaka, I wish it was a long one.

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