Before you start a blog


Quicquid agis, respice finem so…

whatever you do, keep in mind the end. And in order to see this end ask yourself questions:

For whom do you want to write?

You potential reader requires a specific communication, style, form. If it is a narrow group of specialist, deliver specialized feed and use professional language. If it is a blog for a wider group of people who e.g. like cooking or who are interested in health, keep in mind how to write to be understood.

Key word: accessible.

Why do you write it?

What we do matters if it’s about difference we make is somebody’s (here our readers) life. What do you give people writing a blog? Jot some topics down and estimate them considering others’ needs.

Key word: need.

What design?

Evening jacket of shirt and jeans? The same way you choose clothes for different occasions, think about your blog design- combine your style and occasion. Keep your style! Take care about light and space – always. One paragraph as an inspiration? Some interesting remarks point by point? A longer story with key words? A photo with description? Photoblog? Videoblog? Voice blog? Not only what you write, but also how you present it gives much space to share information, knowledge, stories…and a piece of yourself.

Key word: you.