Be one step ahead of others – creative photography in business


Wrapped into thermal foil as in a dress I am leaning against a barn and I’m smiling to the sun. If you think that I’m crazy, I must add that next to me there is another person who looks similar to me. We are taking part in a professional business photo session.


New trend in business photography

In the past a good portrait was enough. Now a business photo portfolio is the standard, but firms are looking for something more interesting – pictures which show a company, a manager differently. This ‚difference’ means a great chance to grab customers’ attention and evoke positive emotion. These different pictures are the result of creative photo sessions. And this is a new trend which was begun by corporations. Such sessions take place in surprising interiors and they tear out corpo managers from their daily routine.


Business creative pictures?

Business creative photo tells a story about a person and a company, but not directly. It focuses on interesting and surprising message, but still it fits the company’s profile and its culture

 says Jacek Kutyba with whom I have been cooperating for years and who has worked in such sessions.


Who can afford it?

Does it mean that such a photo session only big firms can afford? Truly speaking, small firms can deal with it easier as decisions connected with image are made faster and they experience much more freedom regarding meeting new challenges. Unfortunately, these small firms often lack of courage to leave beyond well-known ways of showing both the businessman and his company. We know that it’s worth leaving before series and this way differenciate from others. Everbody knows it, but who makes it real?


Breaking business photo patterns

When we talked to Anna Urbańska about the cover for our book about image in business (How to build a good business image in 30 days), we knew that we want to break this pattern. We had a lot of creative ideas including the photo for the cover. The winner was the idea of Jacek Kutyba who decoded our needs and completed our concept. Additionally, when we look at this photo, we feel like girls from Vogue!


Fot. Jacek Kutyba. In this picture Anna Urbańska and me during the creative photo session in order to have a cover photo.

Profreader: Marta Korsak.

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