Be important


How important are you? Are you useful? Listen to this true story.

When did I fall down first time? Many years ago. One day I remember I reached the sky and another the wind was replaced by a lot of noise in a forest. Suddenly, there were men around. They were tall and well-build. Such men I saw first time in my life. And thanks to them I discovered who really I was. They shaped me. They told that I’d be useful. They promised to get me from the forest in order I could be important.

I waited for my transport quite long. I was curious what next and when exactly I learn about my importance. And finally my transport was ready, but I didn’t go to any town. One late evening I was thrown in the middle of a forest out. In the morning I saw a house. It was my home. There I met a carpenter. He was so beautiful, however today I remember only his rough hands. He gave me support, he caressed me and he carried me.

Finally I learnt the way I’d be useful. Like AtlasI held up my house. Not because of my own choice. Not as a punishment. It just happened. I saw how my story piece after peace was created. In my life I heard so many unbelievable stories. Unfortunately, I cannot tell them, because they have secrets of people who I loved.

When did I know that the death was coming? Once I heard a talk that it’d be good to replace me. And after around a year from this talk I smelt daisies. Not because I was old, however I was, but because somebody could do my work better than me. I needed some moths to accept this fact.

Now it is summer, 2014. I am 80. Maybe a little bit older. And I can hear another talk. They talk that I can be useful again. They watch me. They estimate me. I experience that it is very easy to break me into pieces. I am just a piece of myself from the past. I am spread into pieces of wood and into splinters which keep claws down.

First time in my life a woman took care of me. She wears flowery gloves. She collects me piece by piece. She brings me under a roof. She tells me that I am still very useful and I can warm more than one heart.

The story by the joistwhich was born in 1932 and will have been burnt till the end of 2015. Piece by piece. I pass this story to remind you that every creature and thing are important and have their own story.

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