For several weeks I have been attending with my dog an obedience course. To my mind, there are lessons on which Titus learns about rules which exist in the world. But is he the only student there?


We are struggle against a criterion of attractiveness. It is sad to confess that another dog or a woman holding an umbrella are sometimes more attractive for Titus than I am. No doubts, my attractiveness is strongly connected with  snacks, a ball, a bone and I am super attractive when I have got a slice of sausage (the best is podwawelska). So, briefly, my attractiveness depends on some factors, like:

  •   What I have got
  •   If I can take “this something” at the right moment
  •  How I can entice
  •   How I can award

Frankly speaking, I enjoy awarding the most, so here with Titus we experience a full understanding. Looking at the dog while he is eating ravenously a snack is a special prize for me. Unfortunately, such a prize needs practising and involvement. And a lot of patience!

These lessons have also provoked thoughts about attractiveness in different relations and some factors seem to be universal, including business. Malcolm Gladwell claims that one of qualities that work has to have if it is to be satisfying is a connection between effort and reward and I can experience it in practise.