Affair vs.Long Relationship


I am fan of long lasting relationships. if I have a choice  between some moments of fun-bathing in a small atoll and years of  looking at slowly growing plants sitting in a wooden porch. I am choosing the porch. Hard to believe?


Long lasting relationship gives  possibility to learn more about people you work with. It let you do business with people who you really like. As a result you do business with friends and their business is yours. Success means satisfaction, much trust, building friendship and finally a guarantee profit. It needs engagement, curiosity and passion for what you do.

Affair?  Quick business which wins because of its smart tactics. Like a jump from a rock to water of the amazing blue colour. It means exploring with a great appetite for life.  Sometimes like having sex without protection. Exiting and risky. You have profit or not, but in most cases you haven’t got friends.

Summer is just around the corner so before starting a relationship, think and learn about your partner as much as possible. And do not forget about protection! Take it as a business advice, of course. 😉