Advanced partnership


I completed the advanced level of partnership with my partner as the project Charms of Busienss needed such a certificate to be successful. So what makes the level advanced?


Now we are before the second edition of the event Charms of Business and as this partnership has been working excellent I am sharing 4 rules which are essential and tested in practice:

1. trust –  do not cooperate with anybody if you have doubts;

2. honesty and criticism – practise open info and discussion about  ‘like’ and ‘dislike’; remember that criticism lets you improve,

3. liberum veto – if there are a group of people, this ‘no’ can paralyze actions, but when it is about cooperation of 2 people, it gives much comfort of cooperation and verifies tactics every day,

4. one goal – we are different – even to drop of water are different, but we look the same direction and this guarantees result.