About yourself – you dull bio


Are you sure that yours is interesting? Do you make the same mistakes like others?

In a bio you want to write everything about yourself. And there is the rub.

You write everything, you do wrong. Choose the most important element of your bio, your experience and your achievements.Writing a lot doesn’t mean that your bio is the best quality. Anyway, think how many people would read this long piece of information about you. The best experts can interest in themselves using one sentence ( learn about elevator pitch). And it is good to have an ace in the hole.

You write about yourself, you do wrong. Keep in mind to whom is your bio. Ask yourself the question: what is your reader interested in? Don’t write what is interesting for you and do not show off. Just think deeply what is interesting for them.


You inform, you do wrong. Information about your achievements.knowledge and abilities, is ok, but who cares about it? People care only about themselves and they want to know what you can do for them.Write about it. And more, let them remember you forever. Why not use a metaphor?


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