About building relations


I’m reading a banal and beautiful text which has been recommended by my friend who was a long time  a communications director in a corporation. Even I realize I know it, it is worth checking how I practise this knowledge in my everyday life.

1. Choose people.

Be with people whom you’d like to be. Surround yourself with nice people whom you admire. Getting rid of negative people can be the most important step to be yourself.

When you free yourself from negative people, you free yourself to be YOU.

2. Be imperfect.

Why? Because in your imperfectionism is your uniqueness. The world promotes perfect patterns and we chase after them, but at the end we are all the same.

Be your imperfectly perfect self around them

3. Give what you want to receive.

We expect a lot, but what and how much do we give others? Acts of kindness returns to us. Slyness returns for slyness.

If you want love, give love.

4. Be in touch with people who matter to you.

Building a relationship is a process of knowing each others. It needs attention, care and involvement. Pay attention to people who are important in your life and be in touch with them.

In human relationships distance is not measured in miles, but in affection.

I recommend to read the whole text as a test to answer the question if you really live this way which gives you a chance to build successful relationships.

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