A gunshot at a close distance


Do you remember the scene when Corleone puts the barrel of the gun to his victim’s head and he says: It’s not personal. It’s just business?

In my job relations are crucial. Business relations. Personal relations. My own ones and these which I build with my business partners. Unfortunately, I see disonanse. Harmful. For me. Personally for me.

In a personal relation I try to be helpful, involved and effective. The most counts a person – support for him and his goal. Business is a base, but my personal involvement is a natural complement of such a relation.

Yes, people can take benefits from it. And great! And people who do a business with me use from it a lot. They have no problem with it – when they can take a support from me. They are glad. And that’s right!

What do I expect back? If you have such an advanced relation, just respect it. Lately I have experienced myself how it is hard for some people to keep being fair. The person whom I helped a lot in business behaved impolite or to be direct loutish. Why? Because for this person it is only business. Nothing personal. And business in Poland is often based on cheating, conning, earning on somebody’s trust.

Of course, I am guilty myself. Business is business. Some time ago I heard from Alex Barszczewski about selecting people and I couldn’t believe it. It was far away from the way I run the business. Today I have in my list a several people who I’ll not help and with whom I do not want to be in touch. They have been shot off. But it’s nothing personal. It is just a business!