It is coming the time of Easter e-cards invasion. Different ship and chickens? No, all are the same. This is spam!

1. One click and you send million cards to your customers. What for? Such e-mailing doesn’t built any relation.  A receiver is not silly. More and more people even don’t open such emails and treat them as spam. And this is the fact.

2. Today is not enough to personalize writing: ‘Dear John’. If you send a e-card, let it be the prove of your real need to send wishes – taking into account both your customer’s needs and relation between you and him/her. Today personalization means 100% of it or it does not exist.

3. Easter is associated with a lamb, but please do not be like a sheep in a flock of sheep. Do not do  anything, because others do it. Such e-wishes mean nothing in a huge flock of millions which are sent these days. Be a black ship and create something different!

4. Not quantity, but quality. So, don’t bombard with e-cards, but share your wishes with people and customers who are really important for you. Use telephone, a letter, a card written by hand, a gift with a personal note, etc. If you run your business consciously, it’d be easy to choose such important people both in your business and private life.

5. This is the myth that e-mailing is cheap. It may cost you a lot – your customer’s irritation. Communication is not only a craft, but also a piece of art connect with respect and knowing your receiver’s needs. Can’t you send an e-card which will result in a smile on your customer’s face? So, do not send any cards at all!

Fot. J.Niebieszczanska, Black ship on Felix Arba

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