Communication and giraffe’s ears


It’d be great to have long and slim neck, but I prefer these ears. Why?

Because these ears can hear and hear differently. In the way which learns:

  • to observe carefully ( without judgment),
  •  to hear real needs of a person,
  •  to feel empathy which means just being together.

This giraffe has got its creator Marshall Rosenberg and it is connected with NVC – the communication method which has been fascinating me. I try piece by piece practise it in business, because:

  •  when I know a client ( his needs and feelings), I can do a great job,
  •  this being together (empathy) lets to build a real relation which is a must at PR,
  •  it teaches not to judge, because only facts count and judgments in relations, mediation and negotiations can be really harmful.

More? For sure I’ll write more, but know check here and I recommend the book Marshall Rosenberg.

Fot. Monika Bajer & Davide Granata

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