Writing as if on cue


Is it impossible to write following an order? Have you no time to write?

Find a way to deal with writing. Talk to yourself (intracommunication). At the beginning it may need some experiments to do. Hints?

 Personal ritual

If you really want to write, try to keep it as pleasure. After 8 am I  am at home alone with my dog. I make a coffee (Balzac could drink 10 espresso a day), I stroke Titus and sit down at my desk to write. Why this moment? Because this is my pleasure time which I combine with another pleasure which is writing. So, create your own ritual.

Time management

Usually this writing ritual is at a certain time of the day or on a certain day. It can be once a week, like Saturday after a morning shower or like every day at 10 as Simone de Beauvoir wrote. Choose time and follow it and respect yourself. It also helps to overcome procrastination.

 Write everywhere

Maybe this sitting down and write is not for you. Practise writing in your mind during driving a car, doing an ironing, waiting for a bus. Think of a situation, a description, a hero’s profile, a problem. Then use your ritual time to write it down.

Do your precious thoughts or sentences run away? Have a notebook with you. Maybe more than one. Use a recorder. Have always something to write. A pen or a pencil? Wiesław Myśliwski writes using a pencil because if something is wrong it can be cleaned with a rubber and this way you avoid frustration of crossed sentences


Have it. Sometimes it give you a boost, but sometimes can be too hard. You know yourself the best if you need a global goal ( e.g. I’ll write a novel in 2 months) or small challenges ( e.g. I’ll write 10 pages to the end of this week). Remember about your goal and time is your friend which motivates you to achieve your goal. Ernest Hemnigway had the rule to write 500 words a day. Think about small goals which will lead you to your top. Small bites tastes better.

Take care about conditions

First of all, get rid of all things which can disturb you, e.g. a mobile, an internet. If you like listening to music, switch it on. If you like writing using a pencil, prepare some of them. Find your perfect place on a coach, at a kitchen table, on a balcony or in your favourite cafe.

Writer’s buddy

Ask somebody to read your writing from time to time ( once a week or a month). What for? To get from him a feedback what he likes the most. This buddy is a great motivation. You can also ask him for critics if you are ready or just find a buddy who will focus on your mistakes to let you avoid them in future. This relation you can create yourself following your personal needs.


Tomato! I’m not kidding, because pomodoro technique created by Francesco Cirillo is something to try. How? You need a timer and you set it up at 25 minutes which you work. Then is 3-5 minutes break which you use for a short walk, looking over a window, stretching  your arms. After 4 pomodoros ( every session is 25 minutes) you can have a longer break. Why not try one pomodoro a day or a week?


You cannot write a word

Yes, this is a challenge! Try automatic writing which means writing whatever is in your mind. Just sit down and write.

Yes, this is a challenge! Try automatic writing which means writing whatever is in your mind. Just sit down and write.

You can also draw a map of your thoughts, sentences, associations. More in the book by Don Roam The Black of the Napkin.

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