The cheapest ticket to happiness


Do you know what’s the most difficult question I’ve heard lately?

This is: What are you thankful to yourself?

Do you feel a little confused as I did when I heard the question? I strated to translate it to my mind:

What for can I say ” thank you Justyna’?

Why do I like myself?

What did I succeed?

I wrote 3 things. Although I practise intracommunication, it was not eady. Gratitude towards others – yes. Towards myself? Hmmm… A must! The beginning of happiness is to see how much I have / I experience/ I’ve done… to doscover that it often happens to be happy.

As Liv Larrson writes ” It may seem that it’s easy to be gareful when someone feels happy, but the reality is the opposite. This sense of gratitude can bear fruit of happiness”.

What’s your answer to the question about gratitude?

Fot. Jacek Kutyba

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