What for is Public Relations? (1)


Imagine that you run a business which doesn’t move ahead. You do a lot, but there is no result.

Business is a journey. If you want to have a good one, you need a map. Of course, you cannot predict everything, but you are a capitan and you should think ahead. The map is a way to your goal. If you haven’t got such a map, you know what’s up, don’t you?

PR is a tool to create your success map.

This map is a PR strategy which leads you to your goal. Its priority is to get there step by step doing consistent work which result in  success. Its follow the rule: a water drop hollows a stone [not by force, but by falling often].

PR is used for moving in business consciously. For a long term strategy. This means a comfortable business journey in which you are capitan and beneficiary.

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