Why do I like working with dental doctors?


Because of three Public Relations challenges.

1. Because dental doctor has a wide knowledge about business.

Dental doctors have an experience in running a business and they focus on a good profit very well. Unfortunately, selling dentistry is no trendy any more. Now patients want to experience relations and they look for a dental doctor whom they could like and get a positive emotion from a dental appointment.

PR challenge – bloody capitalism vs. Hippocrates.

2. Because he is so close!

They have right and our permission to be  face to face with us. So incredibly close which is an amazing feature both in building relations and treatment. Some people claim that dental doctors will be a kind of alert doctors in future. They can notice e.g. skin lesions and they will educate in iridology.

PR challenge – a tooth ( narrow spectrum) vs. a human being ( holistic treatment).

3. Because the key to their success is personal brand strategy which I like the most!

Most of dental doctors who I know have a good business. Only a few ‘use’ communication well and develop in this area. There are some of them who in everyday hard work don’t know where they go ( no intracommunication). They have no knowledge of personal branding and instead they sell and use marketing with different result.

PR challenge – selling vs. story telling

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