5 steps and your Facebook strategy is grasped


Is anyone who thinks about their schedule of messages on Facebook strategic? Does anyone plan it? Does anyone ask the question: what for?

I watch small firms and their fanpages. Some of them are really monothematic. They are like info boards. Others fire information without an aim. But let’s be optimistic and let’s believe that every firm knows why it is on Facebook and it knows what receivers ( and content) are its priority.

If you have a fanpage, check your content taking into account 5 steps below. It’ll let you know if your content is consistent and compatible with firm’s profile and goals.

Strategy means planning. So plan your content for the next 2 weeks using 5 steps below.

  1. Write your key words.

Words which define messages which you want to share. In my case there are: communication, writing, personal branding, PR and dental PR. What are yours?

Then find content for every key word, e.g.


a new post on my blog

a next meeting of creative writing group

an interesting article / a book about writing


  1. Decide which messages are your priority taking into account your business.

Do your best to share this info in different context and as often as possible. You can use quotations, articles, posts, specialist’s opinions.

You can use memes, like mine connected with Roman PR rules.

IV frame







  1. Use the option connected with planning posts on Facebook.

Plan at least one week ahead. Review all post and check spelling, attractiveness and be sure that they are consistent with your business and its strategy. Be sure that there are key messages.

  1. Remember about emotion.

Planning doesn’t mean that you don’t have to share your opinions and any materials spontaneously. Use the friendly and informal Facebook atmosphere and be cool!


  1. Be present.

The best way is to have the access to Facebook in your phone. If you see something what you like, like it. If you have a thought or an opinion, share it. Forward interesting messages and have fan.


Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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