4 ideas for creating a great post title


Is it hard to find a post title? here 4 holds for beginners.

#1 Question

Think about a question to which your post gives an answer. Then think more if you can ‘turn up’ this question. Ask it in a witty, provocative  or just the simplest way you can.

Example: Who are you, dental doctor?


#2 Story

Think about what you have just written. About… Who? What? How? What for?

Example: Light summer story that you can’t tell a book by its cover


#3 Janus

Janus has got two faces. Sometimes your post shows two faces of a problem or just you can compose it this way. Vs.= versus.

Example: Fast marketing vs. slow PR


#4 Recital

Numbers help not only to share your thought easily, but they also give attractive titles.

Example: Three golden rules of creative writing


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