3 reasons why Pulse is a good blog


Now you can create your business blog in a minute. Just have your profile on LinkedIN and you have free access to Pulse. Why is it worth entering?

  1. Pulse is the place where you can share a story about you as a specialist, As you know well, LinkedIN is a business-oriented social networking service, so it is the perfect place to work on your personal brand using Pulse.


  1. If you write, you want to develop and you look for new challenges. Pulse is such a challenge which can be compatible to your personal aims. If you want to be recognized as a well-known specialist, write in English.


  1. If you think about blogging and you are not sure about writing, Pulse can be a good start. Do the experiment: publish some posts and you’ll learn if it’s for you and what topic are worth writing about.


My posts on Pulse:

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How to start?

Open your profile on LinkedIN and see Publish. Click it and… enjoy writing!

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