How to live with no regrets? Have courage!


How to live with no regrets. Everyone wants it, so why do we still regret some things at the end of our life? Where does this regret come from? How to get rid of it?

I wanted, but… Sounds familiar?

She wanted to be an actress, but because of her parents she chose different path.

He decided to write a book, but others expected him to do something more “serious”, so he changed his mind.

She dreamt about life in a house by the lake, but they persuaded her that the purpose of her life was to make a million.

How many such stories do you know?

Among five things which people regret before death there are three directly connected to communication and courage.

Do you have courage to live your life?

Do you show your emotions? When was the last time you contacted your friend?

This is the sense of life!

It’s not about number of digits in your bank account, professional position or people you know.

To live well and not regret anything means to improve your communication.

Know yourself and learn how to tell others about how you feel and think.

Albufeira and a walk along the ocean. Just as I desired!

 We live other people’s lives

and fall into a trap of their expectations. Others point to us the direction in life and we depend on them to choose what and who with we will do.

 We live other people’s lives. As never before, we allow that value and quality of our life is set by others. Simplifying it to such indicators as number of shared threads on Facebook.

Sometimes people justify living someone else’s life with love for others, and sometimes it is a way of fighting for recognition, acceptance or respect.

Why do we live according to other people’s will?

Very often it is because of lack of courage. The courage to live your life. We crave for recognition of others so much that we can lose ourselves.


Australia. Go for the trip of your life even now!

Why do we regret when it’s already too late?

Be aware that this lack of courage is your responsibility.

When was the last time you wondered how you wanted to live?

What have you done to live for yourself, not for others?

We are very inept at communication and do not improve this skill at all. Whatever we do, whatever we improve at, most often we tend to forget about ourselves – about discussion with ourselves. The explanation lies in intra-communication and it makes us regret something or not. If you do not get to know yourself, surely somewhere at the end you might discover that you had lived the life of others, not yours.

 To live and not to regret means showing feelings to others.

Naming them. Talking about them. Transferring them. Sharing them.

How often have you heard this sentence?

– I regret that I didn’t manage to talk to him. I didn’t tell him how much I loved him.

– You didn’t have to. He knew it. He was sure of it.

Does such reply, that someone knew our feeling, is enough? No. Regret remains.

Communication is the key. The awareness of how I show my feelings and knowledge how to convey them, and never procrastinate. What does it take?

Courage to demonstrate feelings i.e. talking about them.

The crux of every communication is emotions. Neglected, unappreciated, missed (because they are too difficult), they build up regret. The regret which comes from questions:

Why didn’t I tell what I felt?

Why didn’t I ask how she felt?


There is always some regret. Regret that there were no more moments spent together. Let’s have as little as possible of this regret…

Ask yourself if the answer is lack of knowledge or lack of courage.

Do not let this regret arise from your lack of knowledge (because you hadn’t polished your communication) and lack of courage (which you are ready for!). It is a matter of life and death.


The entry inspired by the book of Bronnie Ware.

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