How to write and tell stories to win audience’s hearts?


How to write a story? How to reach into your audience’s hearts? Be authentic and really have something to say. Evoke emotion: Love. Here is an example of how to do it in practice.

It started from hearts’ thieves

I loved those hearts’ thieves and the people who wrote about them. I watched what was going on in the lives of Frey, Fenrir, Forseti, Freia… And my heart was broken when there were some doubts, I cried when Ms Blue stayed with them and got the name Hjarte (which means hearts in the Viking language). You are asking why I love their posts so much. Because they shared not only a really interesting story (to me) but also real emotions.


“You need to love like crazy to make others love”

When you start reading, you immediately know if it is written for you. Apart from the emotions, there is a true story about people and dogs, and you will stay with Golden Eden Family. When you read such words: You need to love like crazy to make others love, you enter their world. Why? Because they are already in your heart right from the first sight and you think of them and you wish them all the best. Our lives have met. So different and so similar. Lives which long for the same – both the sense of life and love.


“The better sense of life will not appear”

When I read their post which started these words: The better sense of life will not appear, I couldn’t wait a minute longer to be in touch with them. So I wrote to them and here I share their answers with you. This is the way good texts are written.

Read it, please.

Feel it.

Comprehend it.

J: How can you get such a beautiful life in your life?

Eden from Golden Family:

This is not pandering, but I believe, we believe that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, first of all in their eyes. I don’t know if we live beautifully, but we do our best. It doesn’t always work well but our trying and striving, the way itself – they seem to be the most beautiful. Paradoxically, the weight of passing, the awareness of the transience of moments help us understand that they are unique moments, which allows us to see singularity in ordinary things.

On the other hand – Let us look at this in the cold light of day – is there anything ordinary about our existence on this planet or about the universe? Everything is extraordinary. It is unusual is that we breathe, we feel, we dream, we miss. Everything, absolutely everything. All our fears and joys, doubts and breathless raptures. Each thought and every single heartbeat. The list of examples could be endless. And even this is extraordinary!


Jak pisać z emocjąSome time ago in my wallet, which was stolen from me, I had a piece of newspaper with authentic words of a dying old man. Maybe it is trivial, but I don’t care, because those words gave me courage, and here they are (as I remembered them):

If I could live my life again, I would try to make more mistakes. I wouldn’t try to be so perfect. I would rest more. I would be more carefree and crazy. I would take more chances, I would travel more, I would walk more mountains, I would swim more rivers, I would visit more unknown places. I would eat more ice cream and less lettuce. I would have more real worries than invented ones. The truth is that I was one of those people who, hour after hour, day by day, lived their life of security – wise and thoughtful. If I could live my life again, I would enjoy every moment. In spring I would jump out of my bed barefoot and in autumn I would get up later and I would see more sunrises… If I could live my life again… But I won’t.

I, Eden – I am additionally propelled by – even if at times it proves to be a heavy burden to carry – a feeling of staying hungry, which is huge like a black hole. And above all this – love which makes life beautiful.

It is only a very small part of the whole story, but I wrote my answer without much thinking, straight from my heart, so it is honest and authentic.

This is our truth. Everyone must find their own. And make the decision: I want to live this way. And just do it. Maybe not everything will succeed, but who would care about it?

Marek Kaminski, a Polish Polar explorer, in a beautiful and philosophical long interview that is a story about how to walk across both the North Pole and the South Pole, including also the poles we carry with us, which was published in the book “Dotykanie świata’ (Touching the world), says that in life the most important thing is always the way itself.

I made another note from this interview which tells that everything is in our heads. Yes, that is indeed so. Both our successes and failures are born there.

So maybe this ‘beautiful life’ whatever it is, starts in our head with the decision: I want to live this way! Perhaps. Who knows? 😉


J: You write about your life which you share, because…?

Eden from Golden Family:

I would say that the blog was created following the heart need and posts appear when words flow from the soul of the writer, in this case me, Eden. But I realize that I will not avoid the question so easily.

Pisać z emocjąFirstly, it was supposed to be a chronicle of our breeding Golden Eden Family which fulfilled Ojka’s dream – to have a puppy of our beloved golden retriever Duffy. This chronicle turned into a sentimental diary of one love. Yes, love. Because love is the most powerful driving force of life.

We share our life not only because of this chronicle’s duty, but also because written words and our readers’ reactions to them let us see how lucky we are and how many beautiful moments we can create. It is such an uplifting experience to see ourselves in our readers’ eyes and notice admiration sometimes. It is easier then to appreciate our life.

We give our readers the snapshots of our private life and what we get in return is their incredible energy. It is even more precious to us because we live abroad and we miss Poland. We don’t complain, because we are not labor migrants. Norway was our conscious choice. We just say how it is. The readers’ energy can warm us on the coldest days.

And again love. This word comes to me easier when written. Some words could stick in my throat if I tried to say them out loud. I guess, it is a common experience for a lot of men.

However, writing is not only cowardice, but also the way to express yourself; such has always been my personal experience since my childhood. It started very early, in kindergarten, when I wrote a story with drawings about a brave fireman ( he was my alter ego) and a nasty arsonist ( that my younger sister’s role) by myself. But this blood- chilling book (which my mum still keeps) is a completely different story:)

Pisać z emocjąSome people write about the Golden Eden Family blog that it is artistic, etc. I fear such final words and I have no claim to such reviews ( they are nice though). I like the words by my favourite writer Wiesław Myśliwski about writing and its reason:

Life would be precious even without the books I wrote. I don’t think that art is the most important thing in life. The most important thing is love (…). This is my hierarchy. Art comes second. As a complement of my life meaning. It doesn’t matter what will happen with my books in future. I realize that art is just an attempt to face the drama of inexistence and only few come out of this trial victorious. But it is worth a try.

Indeed, you cannot achieve your goal – you cannot overcome “the drama of inexistence”, but this way is worth being taken. After all, the way is the most important thing.


J: People ask you and so do I: when are you going to publish your book?

Eden from Golden Family:

I welcome questions about the book, because it means that to some people our chronicle of love has become crucial. Surely without our readers and their response these stories would have been only empty writing languishing in some drawer. But there will be no book. You must know your place. There too many published books which nobody reads. Often deservedly, because they are just poor.

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Fot. Golden Eden Family,

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