Keeping a good mood these days I have just completed a list of things I succeeded in 2010. Its first version was quite long including such things like getting some knowledge of my dog’s umwelt:-), but finally regarding business I summed it up to 7 points which are:


1.Running first year Bridgehead PR company with success and doing only things which I strongly believe.

2.Have a success for my main client SciCan ( sales increase over 50%).

3.Introducing a new product Sylc for Osspray Ltd.  A half year of catching attention compaign with a great advert  (in the photo).

4.Supporting with success the mission Dentists for Tibetan Children. In money it is over 30 thousand PLN, but its value is priceless which means health for inhabitants from Dolanji.

5.Running a workshop for dental students regarding communication “Cure a man, not illness”.

6.    Writing 6 articles which present Public Relations form different points of action.

7.    Meeting and developing relation with some great people.

According to the Gallup’s survey being with people whom we like gives a lot of happiness, so this year it happened to me to be quite often very happy. Thanks a lot :-).