Outstanding people and books 2013


Around 30 thousands new books were publish in Poland, I suppose, however an average Polish man spends only 19, 44 PLN for book a year. On the contrary my statistics is completely different.

I know only outstanding people. My neighbour read around 40 books last year. At Swapping Book Meeting  I meet people who enjoy reading. I know people with whom better not to enter a book shop ( you can stay there a whole evening and spent a lot!). They have courage to buy book from a high shelf.

My list of outstanding books which I was lucky to read in 2013:

Moja lista nieprzeciętnych książek, które miałam szczęście przeczytać w 2013 roku:

Mark Rowlands Philosopher and the Wolf

Wiesław Myśliwski Ostatnie rozdanie – The best novel

Kacper Godycki-Ćwirko Sprzedaj lodówkę i jedź dookoła świata – The best book about travelling

Guy Kawasaki Enchantment – The best inspiration.

Alex Barszczewski Sukces w relacjach międzyludzkich – The best business book

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