Beneficial mistakes 2011


Thinking of 2012 includes recognizing mistakes I made last year. Taking into account 4 the most frequent mistakes I have written some instructions to follow this year.


  1. Be stick to your priorities.

I’d like to do more than I can. In my plans there are too many projects and it’s so hard to choose. As a result it has a bad influence on their success . Choosing proprieties is ‘a must’ and for me it’s a difficult challenge to focus on no more 3 projects instead of sharing my attention and energy among more. Let’s choose priorities 2012,remember about them and evaluate in December 2012.

  1. Select.

I appreciate trust, respect and understanding. And I’d like to do business with  partners who appreciate the same values which I do. Too often I give ‘another chance’ and I devote a lot of time to explain behaviour and reasons of unfair activities by others. My empathy needs much energy. Too much! It’s worth selecting people who appreciate the values  which I do.  It’s more healthy and let us learn, so instead of ‘changing’ people to be better, I’m going to focus on people who are similar to me.

  1. Enjoy

I enjoy helping and doing things with a sense and observe changes. It’s worth doing what you enjoy in life. And basta! Life is too short and it should be the main its main credo should be squeeze your day. Always let yourself for pleasure. It’s better investment than having more.

  1. Avoid vampires.

Around us are people who suck energy, ideas and solutions. They take and give nothing back. More we give them, more obvious for them our ‘charity’ is and even not worth saying ‘thank you’. Let’s  be careful to not waste our knowledge, time and involvement. This year I’m going to have my eyes wide open.