Do you know the word which destroys communication?


Some people claim that there is this most important word. The strongest one. Others learn to use it for protection. On the other hand, many people realize that this word destroys a lot. What words is it and is it so strong?

You should know slow Public Relations to meet success


Business and life seem to be a never ending race about who is being faster and getting more in a very short time. We work more and more and modern devices let us to speed our work incredibly. In contrary, true Public Relations is slow, so are you pro-slow?

How to embrance your Public Relations?


I often meet the question what Public Relations really is. People ask how is my PR and PR in my business. And finally they’d like to know how to start PR.

How project delivers your PR


You have a lot of projects. A few. They are fantastic ideas, but you won’t carry them out. Usually you end up at the stage of dreaming, planning and talking. But you and your business need a PR project!