5 reasons why travelling alone is worth it


We travel more and more, but so few of us do it alone. No trip other than on your own can give you so much. Learn the benefits and instead of another course plan your journey.

The culture of knowledge is killing every one of us!


We know so much. Or rather the world is full of people who know – how to earn, how to build a brand, how to live. Do they really know or are they fooling you? Knowledge has never been so available as it is now. You don’t know how to do it? Buy a book, visit YouTube and find out. Pay for a training. Enrol to this or that. Public space has never been so full of promises as it…

Think before you ask. There are questions like bullets. Deadly!


It is said that there are no stupid questions, but there are those which can hurt. When does it happen? When pain collides with curiosity without empathy. Then every question is a bullet.   You have to know what happens in life so you don’t ask. Sometimes the whole world disappears. The only thing which remains is a wounded heart. Small microcosmos which explodes with despair every second. You feel like you are in a laboratory and your life is…

How to live with no regrets? Have courage!


How to live with no regrets. Everyone wants it, so why do we still regret some things at the end of our life? Where does this regret come from? How to get rid of it?

How to provide feedback and do no harm to yourself or others?


After a presentation I asked one person how it was and requested some opinion – feedback. The first thing I heard: “massacre”. It’s good it was me. Because it made me wonder and inspired me to this entry. Here is the answer to the question: how to provide feedback when we are asked for it? Do it in a way that does not hurt anybody.

How often do you fall in love?


I don’t mean a romance, but people who enter your life and … you are surprised how beautiful they are and how much they add to your both your life and business. But what if you don’t fall in love?